October 17, 2017

Stay Divine. Fall with the Leaves. Breakthrough.

Fall..that smell of freshly sharpened pencils, new beginnings, boldness, courageous shedding of layers and breaking through old paradigms. 

AYURVEDA. Mother Earth. Witches from the Salty Seas.

Include these ingredients into your day now that the season has turned. 

Pomegranate: The pomegranate has been heralded for centuries, and in fact, it’s one of the oldest known fruits in existence. Lucky for us, this gorgeous fruit is still plentiful and we’re able to enjoy the benefits of its jewel-like seeds and juice, which is brimming with free-radical zapping antioxidants. These antioxidants have been shown to lower cholesterol, improve heart health, and possibly inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. On top of this, pomegranates are a great source of iron and vitamin C, and vitamin B-6 which helps keep your body functioning as it should.

Pomegranate seeds are delicious as they are, but they’re also incredible tossed into salads, soups, and smoothies. The next time you break out your juicer, try adding in a few pomegranate seeds to reap their rewards.

Pumpkin: It seems only natural to start this list with the most autumnal of them all, doesn’t it? Pumpkin is ubiquitous for fall and on top of being flavorful, this squash is also jam packed with good-for-you vitamins and minerals. Pumpkin is incredibly rich in fiber, which helps to keep you feeling full longer and keeps your digestive tract healthy. Pumpkin is also rich in folate, which aids in cell renewal, and is an amazing source of vitamin A, which helps keep your vision sharp. Just 1 cup of pumpkin contains over 200 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A!

While it’s great mixed into baked goods and smoothies, pumpkin is even better when it’s incorporated into savory dishes like soups and stews. You can even roast it and mix it into pasta and rice dishes for an easy meal. And don’t toss the seeds! Pumpkin seeds are rich in phytosterols, plant-based chemicals that have been shown to lower cholesterol, and they also contain tryptophan, an amino acid that can help boost your mood.

Beets: People seem to either love or hate beets, and I fall into the former category. In my opinion, beets are pretty awesome. These jewel-tone root vegetables were originally harvested for their greens only, but over time people caught on to how delicious the roots were as well, and good thing, because these earthy vegetables are also nutritional powerhouses. Along with vitamin C, folate, and manganese, beets are also a unique source of betaine. Never heard of betaine? You’re not alone, but this elusive nutrient aides in reducing inflammation and has been shown to protect cells from environmental stresses and about a million other things. Beets are also an incredible detoxifyer and help to purify your blood and your liver. And don’t throw out those greens! Buying a bunch of whole beets is a nutritional two-for-one: the greens themselves contain even more iron than spinach.

Beets and beet greens are super simple to prepare. The root can be roasted, juiced, shaved onto salads, and thrown into almost anything. The greens can be steamed, sauteed, or mixed into soups and salads; whichever way you make them, they’re sure to be delicious.

Pears: After researching their nutritional benefits, I’m working on including this autumnal fruit much more into my day. Just the skin of pears contains over half of the entire fruit’s dietary fiber and three to four times as many antioxidants. Pretty incredible, right? Pears are also a great source of fiber and can help aide in lowering oxidative stress on our cells.

Pears are great raw, but my favorite way to eat them is roasted or baked as a dessert. They’re also an amazing addition to salads and can even be tossed on the grill and served as a sweet accompaniment to a savory dish.

Squash: Besides pumpkin, there are countless numbers of other squash available this season, and you should definitely pick some up. Depending on which type you choose, squash is generally an amazing source of fiber and vitamin C, and also contains high percentages of potassium, which can help muscle performance and vitamin A, which helps development.

If you’re new to the wide world of squashes, I think the two friendliest are acorn and butternut. Try trimming and roasting a butternut squash, or making it into butternut squash soup, or try making a stuffed acorn squash. Once you get the hang of it, explore the countless other varieties out there, each one with their own amazing benefits.


Cinnamon doesn’t just smell heavenly, it also has a number of great health benefits and is actually a powerful medicinal herb used for years in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for colds and headaches, among other things. Cinnamon is known to be a great digestive aid and also helps lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar. Even the scent is said to boost cognitive function and memory! I love adding a small dash of cinnamon to coffee or tea, or on top of oatmeal. Cinnamon and honey in tea is incredibly soothing and delicious.

Juniper Berries Juniper berries are commonly used as a spice in preparing hearty type dishes. As a veg head, the only way I've ever consumed them was in a beverage, but they are delicious! Their health benefits including improving digestion, lowering blood sugar and improving kidney health. Mix juniper berries with cinnamon and cloves and any other desired ingredients, simmer, strain and serve hot!


Turmeric is native to Southeast Asia and a member of the ginger family, and is thought by many cultures to be one of the most beneficial substances around. It is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian foods, and was also often used in ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant that some studies show can also be used to block the growth of certain cancers. It is also a potent anti-inflammatory. It is best incorporated into food raw – just sprinkle a bit in soup or mix in with salad dressing and enjoy its mild flavor and many health benefits! Oh, and the unexpected uses – turmeric can be mixed with plain yogurt to create a skin cream to promote healthier skin, and it can also be used to make a really beautiful natural dye!


I actually never knew this is what nutmeg looked like! I’m used to the ground, reddish brown powder that you get when these are ground up. Nutmeg is one of my favorite additions to sprinkle on top of soup in the fall – it has a very potent flavor so you only need small amounts. Medicinally, nutmeg has powerful antibacterial properties and can effectively kill bacteria in the mouth, preventing cavities and sickness – and nutmeg oil can be used to treat toothaches! Other health benefits include mixing with honey to help with nausea, indigestion and even anxiety and depression.


Last but not least, cloves are another great seasonal spice that can help remedy colds, skin problems and more. Cloves work surprisingly well as an expectorant if you have a cough – add a couple cloves to your tea and let it do its work! For an unexpected use, a small satchel of cloves in a drawer can give your clothes a lovely aroma and also keep them fresh. Combine ground cloves with honey to make a homemade facial remedy that will help fight breakouts and balance out your skin.

Stay tuned for the next series on oils, stones and flowers that will uplift also.

September 3, 2017

An Island and a Dream #2

In October it will be 2 years that we moved to Long Beach Island and began this wanderlust lifestyle; Traveling between islands in Florida during the summer months while the LBI home rents.

Part of me screams, 'I'm getting too "old" for this shit,' (I'm so not old) while the other part belts out a resounding, 'You're at the precipice, where we're designed to stop, don't.' There's no turning back now. Once you've seen how big life can be, going back to playing small isn't an option, no matter how scary it gets.
You keep going forward, even if looking backwards has become a thing.
Just know, that the closer we get to what we desire, the more intense it gets and when all the tools we've learned need to be put into practice; Yoga, meditations, self care, nutrition, self worth, self love, education, community all become the life line.

Do you remember where it all started? An Island and a dream #1 blog talks about it and I needed to look back to remember because it's all getting really big and has officially fully come to life.
The signs carried us here and what we've gained and lost has all been important.

We've lost touch with some people, places, things and ideas, but the bonds with others seem to have strengthened despite time, space, distance and a lot of changes. I love seeing that truth come out.

I like to consider these years as a purification.
A time where what and who really was meant to be in our lives rose to the top, while the rest flew away to where it was meant to go.

We're about to embark on our last year of this purifying, healing, recovering, somewhat isolated island metamorphosis. The year ahead will differ in that we'll be taking bi-monthly trips into our favorite city, Philadelphia. The girls for school (and friends) and me for business (and pleasure.)

We're considering this year our re-acclimation into the land of the living and the urban lands we love; That keep the fire in our bellies alive, filled with connection, purpose and practice.

After all is said and done, a period "away from it all" has always served as a reset, reboot and realignment of who we are as humans. We've done it before and we'll likely do it again at some point. If you've never, you deserve the experience at least once for you and the family. I'm not talking about a two week vacation; Live outside the fucking box and get clear on who you all really are and what you're meant to bring to this life.
You will survive. I promise.

It's like when you're off with eating habits or vibes in relationships, fasting and abstaining has a profound affect. Furthermore, when you're manifesting something big in your life, islands, as well as peacefulness contribute a great deal. We are a testimony to that being very real.

2 years later, we assisted in saving a man his family beach home, we regained our health, we found a place deep within which was previously encompassed by noise, and nurtured it; We have an unbreakable bond with the sea, each other and the circle we've cultivated around us. Our purpose is clear as fuck and unshakable. We have arrived.

In the last phase of our island living, I'll be journeying on the priestess path and continuing to open the door for women's empowerment, health, wellness, fitness and business; The twins will be getting reconnected with their life in Philly, taking a journey with a devoted Ashtanga teacher here on the island before we go and growing their skills as brilliant artists.

It's been such a pleasure being able to reach people more globally and those who we normally wouldn't had we continued to be as social and less online based, which all changed while we were away and remote as three toucans in the rainforest.
That has been a gift, returned me to my writing, and blazed a trail that knows no bounds.

With that said, we'll be re-entering the land of the living little by little and selectively, our tolerance for negativity, bull shit, and toxic living has no home, we're more than who we were before, yet so much the same and who we've always been.
Time to go home.

Can't wait to squeeze you all up soon.
You know who you are🖤

With Love, Sarah

Mazey Lotus 🌫 Goddess Project
Sarah Grundy, Purveyor of the Goddess Within 
Author of the Mazey Lotus Love Letters
☼Alchemist ☾High Vibes

August 24, 2017


By Sarah K Grundy

It's not like it seems in the fog. There's an entire horizon that was hiding behind the blur, the mask, the lies, the ego, the inflated realities.
To be where the divine lives that's where we can see. We're never alone, not even in the isolation periods when we're exploring, discovering and finding our path.
Traveling through time and space. Wandering the past and uniting with the you of the future. Mending beyond a cellular level that which was torn away and delivering it into the light.
Connecting and trusting the unfolding, the becoming. Welcoming the abundance. Move like nature moves amidst the change. Blossom.

To learn more about us and the path of the lotus come see us, goddess project

Mazey Lotus 🌫 Goddess Project
Sarah Grundy, purveyor of the goddess within 
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February 21, 2017

Stay Wild

How I set myself free of alcohol, adderrall,coffee,addiction,anxiety, depression, fight, or fight, autoimmune and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. 

The full step by step e-book will be released soon. 

It was from rock bottom that I built a dream. 
I crawled out from the darkest place you can imagine, crying, yelling, WILD and SPREAD MY WINGS TO FLY. 
I flew as high as I could with my broken, patched up wings and believed I could heal. I became a seeker again and trusted my gut. When I found what I knew from that deep down innocence could help me, I would do it with sheer determination and devotion. 
Without hesitation.
I was broke, but I found a way to invest in this adventure that I knew was my way back to the WILD. 

 I had to really decide and not let fear stop me. I was terrified. All of the tools that worked for me may, or may not work for you, but some of them apply and will work for every living being! As far as nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and tapping into your body, I suggest my Black Moon e-book. I’ll be going over some of those methods at the end, but not all. It took me two decades to create illness and a decade to transform it. 

Start from a place of Stillness. You are the only one who knows how to rise up, but you can’t do it alone. 

There is a place inside us all, and an energy all around us that makes all things possible. A deep inner silence can allow you to hear it. It’s tangible and alive. It’s not airy fairy. It’s an entity, studied by science, but the way to embrace it is through your own life experience not through lots of talking about it, but with expression and connection. 

Try it now
Go somewhere quiet. Preferably outdoors. Sit, or stand. Whatever makes you comfortable. Palms open to the sky. Eyes closed. With absolute surrender, feel your heart beating in your chest. Breathe naturally, whatever makes you able to feel each thump, each pump of blood coursing through your entire body through each organ, vessel. Take some time with that sensation. Feel how it begins to radiate onto the outside sending gentle waves across your skin. Sense the prana tickling those little hairs on your arm, hands, legs, down to your toes. If your mind starts to intervene return to listening and feeling the thump of your heart pulsating blood through the body. Feel yourself as a vessel for source energy to pass through. Don’t cling to it, or think about it. This is something void of thought. Allow it to pass through. Go back to the heart beat. Breathe. Tune back into the heartbeat. Stay there. 

Everything happens from that space inside. 
It senses intention, thoughts, vibrations, and manifests everything you can see, touch and feel. We can choose to honor that in our actions, in our lives, or not. It doesn’t partial. It’s universal and speaks to all of us. It will be there even if you ignore it and it will be waiting. 

The opposite of addiction is connection. 
Community, tapping into my inner rhythms, living by the laws of nature, intuition and my heart beat took me out of illness into really living. There were steps, tools, mentors and a will to survive that could not be stopped. Trust, instincts, passion, action, movement, trial and error, listening to my experiences, allowing loss, and deciding to rise at all cost made the impossible possible. It took fortitude and self study, as well as research on what really makes me tick and all of the medicine we have available to us. My story starts with sickness, but ends with finding my intuitive self and true boundless freedom. 

We can talk about what works all day, but it was in doing that I found what I needed to recover and heal. It started with a diagnosis, medications and things getting worse before they got better. I was in my 20’s and had no idea that my entire life had been feeding this illness. My surroundings, my choices, my behaviors, my ego. 
My energy became a magnet for more and more of it until I was buried. I started to numb myself from the pain and as you may suspect that’s when things got really exciting. 

Coffee, was my life force. At the time I had no idea, it was actually draining it. Cigarettes, and pot were my fire and breath. I had no idea it was actually putting out my fire. Alcohol, was my spirit guide. I had no idea it was actually muting my spirit and my guides.
I knew. 
Somewhere in me, I always knew. 
So do you.
Everyone else around me was doing it. It was a part of life. Dinner with wine. Morning chats with coffee. Cigarettes and drinking with dorms and college midterms, followed by pot and whatever else was there to infuse my experience. 
Then crash. 
I wasn’t accessing any of my power. 
I was walking, but very much dead.

One day I woke up. 
I knew all of this was weakening me. 
It created a cycle and led me straight to death. Spiraling the drain in one dead end relationship after another. 
I knew I had to change. 
I had to fight for my life. 
I fled. 
That’s what took me to the root of the problem. 
Then it got worse. 
I worked through the root of the problem with the same toxic methods. 

It was from rock bottom that I built a dream. 
I crawled out from the darkest place you can imagine, crying, yelling, WILD and SPREAD MY WINGS TO FLY. 
I flew as high as I could with my broken, patched up wings and believed I could heal. I became a seeker again and trusted my gut. When I found what I knew from that deep down innocence could help me, I would do it with sheer determination and devotion. Without hesitation. I was broke, but I found a way to invest in this adventure that I knew was my way back to the WILD. 

A decade later my wings are BRIGHT and getting more colorful everyday. 

I wanted to live. It was always about life and finding more of it. Being freeing. Flying high. Feeling, seeing and sharing that with my friends, family and the world.  

Stay tuned for HOW in the Stay Wild e-book free to Goddess Project membersॐ

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