August 15, 2015

Chocolate Balls w/ Sarah

Having a new found love affair with Cacao. My little chunk of the lady of the lake in Lake Atitlan Guatamala, until our visit. 
I have this habit of using cooking as a chance to feed my outside as well as my inside. 
I regularly add olive oil, coconut oil and other citrus ingredients to my hair and skin, while cooking with them. It adds spice to the dish & the day. Any chance to love myself more I'll take it. 
Ingredients: these little guys are delicous and simple. 
Mash bananas in a bowl
Add two scoops of super food powder.
Chop up chunks of raw cacao into chips and mix together with a couple spoon fulls of coconut oil.
You can add some sort of bitter fruit to this also, like cherries or other berries, possibly mint leaves. There's a lot you can do with this foundation. My daughter suggested adding a dab honey, or maple syrup, but I felt the bananas were sweet enough.
Coconut Oil a pan and put in the oven on 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes to melt the cacao and activate the ingredients.
Let cool for a few minutes and then with your hands roll the flattened ingredients into balls, or into cookies as seen above. I really enjoyed rolling them into balls and just like saying, "chocolate balls" so I went with the balls. 
Now, put them in the fridge overnight. 
I ate a plate of them while they were hot also and they were delicous.
Oh my goodness, so delicous. 
My favorite part was making a mud mask out of the ingredients. My skin was like a babies booty after a lathering of this. Allow it time to absorb and sink it. Our skin is eating too. 
For a day like today, I would add this to your chocolate ball fiesta, 
A cucumber Dill drink from Free People 

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