May 20, 2015

Home Practice #4 Strength

“Why do we have to listen to our hearts?" the boy asked.
"Because, wherever your heart is, that is where you will find your treasure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Everything in my life right now is demanding more of one thing, strength.
All of them; physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, magical strengths. My heart, my loves, my yoga, my surf, my health, my bank and my future all require a stronger foundation on which to resume building. This is how I'm gonna get it and pay it forward.
In one word, plyometrics. In two words, soul fire.

"Plyometrics are one of the most effective forms of workout as they force the body to move against gravity which helps burn fat faster" says #2 lifestyle & fitness coach

If Iyengar is right, health comes first and everything else comes after. The new coach in my life says the same, "Whatever you want, if you build a foundation of wellness you can have it! Success starts on your insides (in all areas) and when you nourish yourself properly, your outsides start to reflect what's happening inside!" Elite Fitness & lifestyle coach

Like heart and mind team up so do strength and muscle.
Do you feel we can free our body & minds by getting shredded with muscle?
I do.
The shredding will involve all of the strengths mentioned above (physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and magical.) 

How I'm gonna get it & still call it Home Practice 

Start Date: June 15, 2015 
End Date: July 5, 2015 

-30 minute daily plyo press play, at home routine
-listen to my heart
-Sauna yoga Detox meditation
-personal development
-building relationships with a team & support groups 
-dark chocolate for cravings (you know who you are)
-mostly Paleo, zilcho sugar, zilcho alcohol &portion control
-trying a new shake to pack my body w/ nutrients
-nature adventures & hiking /swimming 
-Floating & Earthing
-Get friends & family to do it w/ me

Do it Yourself

"knowledge alone does not suffice; it has no heart." Peaceful Warrior
After I wrote this, "Do it Yourself" blog I realized the idea is actually already a thing, 
Below is my DIY story and how I came to be a fan.

 Even if it’s a flowing tidal wave, hold on tight and maybe grab a board, but go with it.

While getting healed, healing myself and learning what may facilitate the healing of others I saw the power to heal ourselves rests in our own hands. Each of us has what it takes to save our own lives and no one can help us do that part. Once we know how to save our own naturally we become a vessel which nature happens to blow through to save others, but this is not an effort, or conscious action- it just happens if we allow it. If we add thought to matter it changes form. Let's keep simple what we were all born to do.

Those of you close to me witnessed my life face a sort of vortex, a Bermuda triangle, a cyclone. It picked me up, spun me around and somehow landed me right back where I started. Don’t you love when that happens? The blood flow puts a glow on your face and curl in your hair that can't be bought or sold. My head is still spinning a little and if you were in close enough range during this time likely so is yours. This fire storm, tornado, earthquake, tidal wave, tsunami, spoke to me as loud as the sun burns bright. So don’t look at it directly for too long. It said, “What we do, and from which place in our bodies we do it from, will determine whether we live or die, whether we generate life or not, whether we feel joy or pain. Trust in that force you feel pulling you. It is very real. Don't run from it or chase it, love it and hold on tight."

You know that cliché, “listen to your heart”? I learned to actually do just that, literally the organ, feel it beating and stay there quietly, patiently and go with that feeling. Trust that instinct. Do everything from that place and believe in what you hear from those chambers. Ask it questions. “Is this real or is it not? Is it this or is it that? Should I go here, or there, Sam I am?"

That should be the first and last thing we learn in school. The rest possibly could be summed up in another cliché, “go with the flow.” Even if it’s a flowing tidal wave, hold on tight and maybe grab a board, but go with it.

Many foundations to our existence and how to keep existing, while not a secret are not always acknowledged, or acted on, implemented or prescribed. I’m not sure if that will ever change, but I know we all have the freedom and choice to make that change if we just listen and believe what we feel to be true.

Final cliché for today, there really is wonderful magic that happens when your heart has been "cracked open." Flying free from here on out as open as can be.

Bee Bosnak often speaks of this type of idea in her, "Heal Yourself" work, 

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