May 17, 2014

Go-to's for recipe's

Let food be thy medicine

The doctor of the future will no longer treat human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.
-Thomas Edison

The paleo mom, who I'd recommend first due to her extremes on food as medicine. She takes a scientific approach to eating to keep us alive for a very long time always with our roots in mind, 

Second, a firey sweets lover designed delicious recipe's for those cravings that just won't quit. She caters to your sweet tooth, while exchanging out the unhealthy ingredients with better options. (watch her ingredients as they are not always designed for autoimmunity and others on a stricter diet.) Sweet is sweet, 

For those focusing on a plant based diet- The founder of a product that makes it possible for me to recover from my runs, has a host of girthy recipes to keep you energized. Not all of these are for autoimmune eaters either, but can be tailored and are great for your athlete self and turning that flab into fab. 

My Grammy has some of the most mouth watering recipe's I know. Tucked away in cubbard, on mini index cards- there is magic- especially in her meatloaf. Be sure to check in with your elders, but also possibly for ideas on what to cook for dinner tonight.


Simply put AUTOIMMUNE PROTOCOL- follow strictly no cheating aloud on this test

"My understanding of autoimmune disease goes beyond diet. The Paleo Approach will go into great detail about exactly why prioritizing sleep, managing stress, protecting circadian rhythms, and incorporating plenty of mild to moderately-intense activity (and avoiding strenuous activity) into your day is also exceptionally important. In fact, if you ignore these lifestyle factors, you might completely undermine all of the efforts you are making with your diet."

This highly detailed scientist turned mom, doesn't miss a thing. See her recipe for getting rid of autoimmune, an illness that plagues a multitude of women in this nation. 


May 4, 2014

More on Autoimmune- from, "The Thyroid Book"

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If the prior blog detailing what it will take to be free from your autoimmune disease, was a bit too scientific of an approach. See this link for a simple way to tackle the illness,

It's important to remember, that what you are aiming to rectify looks like the image to the above.

Don't be concerned about what you're giving up, but what you're gaining.

These illnesses turn to cancer and other life threatening conditions, easily. 
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