February 20, 2014


Submerging in the leadership of The Goddess of fire and light, Liana Cameris, and her graceful, gentle balanced soul over the course of the next month.
Connecting with something words can't describe, stretching my body, while breathing to bring a better flow until now has been a somewhat solo, instinctual, intuitive, innocent action. A dance with the universe. A meditation with the mystics.

While in search of a teacher, a mentor to grow and develop this time I spend metamorphosing, there came Liana. "There's no wrong way. Close your eyes because everything out there you don't need." I felt myself connecting deeper, as my limbs knew where to go prior to her speaking it aloud. "Thank your body." She says. That is not something I've done, lately. My body is grateful.
"A divine intervention brought us all together." Said Caroline with grace. "I tap into the divine every chance I get." Said Liana. After one hour with each one of these innocents, tears of release sprung from my eyes as I saw and felt what would come next.
Caroline Grace Ashurst, shifted my perspective, while gradually my soul gravitated to the table.
Showing me what was there in front of me.
Over a glass of green tea, I saw her, see trauma I thought I'd released fully.
She will be guiding me to a healed space;
Releasing me from the human bonds that trap my freedom to fly.
She's already revealing the war I've waged may be presenting some inherent difficulties.
I will have to let the war rage on as I retreat, I'm still present.
Cultivating this giant fire, burning so brightly, in the direction before me. Being sure to put my fire, in my earth.

Check my calendar there is a Yoga combined Acupuncture gathering that will be a life changer. March 8th. Shine your light on it.
YogaPuncture Sentiments.


February 12, 2014

A workout for your Qi

An Article written by Chiron Health and Wellness.

Qigong is a thorough and comprehensive exercise system that trains the body, breath, mind, and spirit. The term qigong can literally be translated as breath or breathing work. While the word qi is difficult to translate and can be translated in different ways depending on the context, in regards to qigong, it can be said to refer to the breath or breathing process, vital force, vitality, life force, strength, or even matter-energy (the intrinsic substance or vital force behind all things in the universe, or the medium between and within all substances).

Some say that qi can also refer to all types of energy – electrical, heat, bio-electricity, chemical, kinetic etc. In its broadest sense, qi can be regarded as a type of energy, which enables one to develop and demonstrate power and strength. Gong can mean labor, function, work, or the power to produce an effect, but more specifically, with regards to Qigong or Gong Fu (Kung Fu), it means an accomplishment, achievement, or skill, which is attained through time, steady practice, and hard work.

Together the words qi gong can also mean ‘the attainment of qi’. There are written records of qigong that date back thousands of years. It is one of the many treasures of ancient knowledge that has a solid theoretical and empirical foundation.

It is important to make a distinction between qigong training and other forms of physical training or meditation. It is a complete and comprehensive discipline for the body-mind-spirit. Each different aspect of qigong training has a direct influence over the others.

The mental aspect of qigong training is considered the most important, as it is our mind that has the greatest influence and control over the body’s qi. Our mental and emotional state has a tremendous impact on our physical health and wellbeing; however, breathing and posture are also very important, because these can affect our mental and emotional state, especially in our day-to-day lives. Because the mind, the posture, and the breath all influence each other, it is important not to neglect any of these aspects when practicing qigong.

As a comprehensive system of exercise, regular practice of qigong can strengthen and relax the entire body, regulate and improve internal organ function, and calm and regulate the mind and emotions. It will also increase one’s ability to understand the body and human nature and help to become more conscious of the mental and physical patterns that bring about disease, illness, and suffering.

While some forms of qigong are practiced while sitting, most are performed using a variety of different standing postures and/or movements. Most qigong movement is practiced slowly. This helps the practitioner to understand and refine the movement and facilitates deep, slow breathing. Qigong also utilizes relaxed movement. The body works better and more efficiently when relaxed, and this also trains one how to relax in day-to-day life.

Because qigong can be translated to mean “breath work”, breathing is obviously a very important aspect of qigong exercise. Slow and deep breathing helps to improve oxygen intake and blood circulation, and it helps to train the body to be more efficient. Because a lot of the muscles used for respiration also support the posture, optimal breath requires correct posture, and correct posture cannot be maintained without deep and relaxed breathing. For this reason, qigong is excellent for improving posture and resolving chronic pain as the result of poor alignment and body mechanics and stress-tension held in the body.

Correct breathing can also help to regulate the mind. When the breath is regulated, the mind is able to enter a deeper level of calmness. This in turn can improve concentration. By learning how to pay attention to and focus on the breath, one can reduce scattered thinking. Because the breath is the only function in the body that is both voluntary and involuntary, it provides an important link between the body and mind, and the conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind. By learning how to regulate the breath, you can learn how to regulate the mind. A focused and calm mind can in turn be utilized to regulate the body and the breath. All three aspects must work together in a unified and harmonious fashion in order to obtain optimal health and wellness. It is not possible for the internal organs to function optimally when the mind is agitated and a person is stressed. Only when the mind is calm, balanced, and at peace, will the organs be able to function properly ensuring good health and wellbeing.

By studying the breath and practicing the special breathing and movement techniques of qigong, one is provided an important tool to help understand how the body and mind affect each other. This will help to understand the true meaning behind the body/mind paradigm that has been at the center of Eastern medicine for centuries, and is playing an increasingly important role in Western medical research.

Once you can regulate the breath without conscious attention, you will be able to attain physical, mental, and emotional harmony. You will be able to develop the ability to sense problems before they occur. This can hold true to both your health and life in general. Qigong is not just a form of exercise and self-healing practice; it is also a form of life training. Many of the principles at the foundation of qigong practice are universal in application and may be used to serve you in many aspects of your life.


Liang, S.-Y., & Wu, W.-C. (1997). Qigong Empowerment: A Guide to Medical, Taoist, Buddhist, Wushu Energy Cultivation. Providence,RI: The Way of the Dragon Publishing.
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February 7, 2014

What lies beneath the plight of those weaving their magic in the halls of Ivy League

The Plush ivy Petals on those Plighting the Palace of Penn
bring a special sort of Prose to my Puckered up Pout
Poets and Pioneers of impossible cures
Plough through the Pias with Pints and Pianos
"keep your day job, but don't give up the dream"says the Scott Scientist, with his Shiny Silken Kilt and his wee Lilt,
strumming his Strings of Savvy with Sincerity and Solace
full of heart, Song and Shining Sentiments brought Spirit to a Sit down with Serious faces, which yielded stories of Sorrow, but ended in Success

2/7/14 I'm marking this day, with my first identified prose in print, as a dedicated thanks to Andrew McGhie, who has invited me to the group at The Kelly Writer's House.
Upon my arrival to Philadelphia, this house called to me.
Perhaps being named Kelly at birth, by my late father, insighted the calling. (At age two I obnoxiously demanded, "no me Sarah," in order to change my name to Sarah Kelly.)

After attending the first meeting, I realize I've joined a group of legends in a house filled with glorious history.

How the invite came to be below:

Thank you Drew, for showing me the softer side of Laboratory Research, and the Structure of hard and soft Matter.
Reading from the poetry inspired by your train ride home, which could no doubt grace the pages of that where Shakespeare resides, empowered me to pass a hugely intensive clinical research study audit, with ACRIN, the leader in optical imaging.

Mary, the auditor, a love of a lady was reminiscent of Mrs. Doubtfire.
We hugged and kissed at the conclusion of the three day audit (as I envisioned you strumming your guitar and sipping pints at the local pub.)

We dug into every dot on every "i", and every cross on every "t."
We scowered the medical records language of those who continue to suffer with this greedy disease.
We contacted one of the breast cancer survivors, who had been in our study,
requesting further information, she had just left the hospital moments before,
still getting treatments years later, as the disease has spread.

Mary's eyes filled with tears while sharing stories of her sister who'd lost one of her children. Her other sister, she lost to breast cancer, it claimed her life at 45.
This was the sour grape, which brought her into breast cancer research and she continues to race for the cure.


February 2, 2014

Breaking News Pitches for Philadelphia

Tranquil Townhouse Blog Photo
Breaking News in health and sustainability to be written by UPENN clinical researcher in training with over a decade of medical and writing experience.

See my portfolio in the works at, http://muckrack.com/sarah-k-grundy


The largest study, with biological findings on yoga has just been released from embargo. Delivered from a Upenn Physicist, who was surprisingly impressed. Significant findings for breast cancer patients.
How did Maria Lee Driver beat blindness? How did she get that glow? I've been granted an exclusive interview, due to my decade in Ophthalmology this will make for an informative read.

The Humane League and their crusade to take meat out of Philadelphia schools on Monday, with the Meatless Monday's campaign, has been driven by volunteers.
Watch the video, http://www.thehumaneleague.com/phillymm/
One of Philadelphia's top few public schools offered up a few of their kids to be in it.
Exclusive interview granted with the director of the Philadelphia office about how those involved can afford to donate their post production skills, how doctors are saying yes to interviews despite busy surgery schedules, and how a girl in her 20's has the attention and a bit of fear of the school board.
Most Metro cities are doing this. A hook to the story is it would improve cafeteria food for kids that have no other choices in what to eat.

Ben Tice, of the Tice family whole food, has found a way to battle brain cancer with the help of a little girl diagnosed with a deadly disease.

Moira Johnston, widely discussed activist. Her mother had breast cancer and this was not discussed. She has granted me an exclusive interview.
An expert physician, who feels her topless display is not unrelated to her mother's condition, has also granted me an exclusive.

I have detailed inside information on court cases, L&I regulations and complaints, on the fires that have been destroying Queen Village, while effecting million dollar homes neighboring, a population who refuses to abide by L&I orders.
What does it take to reinforce the laws surrounding housing safety.
I found out on Fulton Street, 19147.
One of two homes on the 400 block of Fulton is now being rehabbed due to threats that the city would take Albert Evans home. A recent case tried by Roger Perry stirred things up in that neighborhood after one single mom and her kids came down with a virus due to the sewage surrounding the home, 418 Fulton St.

Milestones, piggy back rides and the run where I learned to relinquish the self


Milestones. Each one brings with it a new reality.

I ran 12.5 miles along Kelly Drive today behind a man that taught me how to take it all in stride.

I was determined to go further, faster, firmer. I would find myself wanting to sprint, or stop. Fly or fall.

Today I learned to slow my role and endurance shone through.

I noticed and I saw others notice too.
Like this light I felt coming out of me was visible.
I realized the runner I've become, the runner I've been and the one I want to become.

It's not always about going faster, or pushing harder learning to fly, or extracting the essence of the universe to get your gait on.

I took flight today, by digging down deep, planting myself inside and my feet on the ground naturally. Letting it flow. Letting it go. Relinquishing.

I was running past a man that kept passing me.
I finally decided to stay behind him and see what happened.
I fought the urge to pass him and go faster.

I noticed he kept the same stride soft, subtle, relaxed and at the same pace the entire time.
Although I felt that rush inside that made me want to go full speed ahead, because I was energized and endorphins were talking to me,
I stayed steady at the same pace and dug down deep inside
and stayed there.
I went further inside than usual, until I was "in the ground" I "was the ground."

I let my body be more limp, more into this earth that I am asking to receive me.
My arms dropped down closer to my waist my hands weren't as flexed. They were scooping the wind relaxed and natural.
I focused on easy posture and pace,
relaxation and my still inner quiet. Letting go of the self.

I breathed in and out, steadily. Using mostly my nose. (Read Fix Your Run Blog by Lululemon's expert running coach, John Goldthorp, for more on breathing with only your nose for increased benefits and decreased injuries.)
Instead of lifting off, taking flight from the core of the earths crust,
I dug down deep into the ground. I was the core.

I stayed so deep inside that it was me alone out there with hundreds of people, hundreds of souls and I was alone. I felt spirits, but no bodies.
Then I felt only my own soul, only my own spirit and I was whole.

No images that stopped me in my tracks making me want to snap a photo,
or distract me from my vision and purpose. 

I was an island. I was everything and nothing.
The runners beside me felt the same as the trees.
When I stopped to stretch my legs against the trees, which always have the power to restore me instantly,
I saw no eyes, or felt none other than the bark of the tree, the dirt in the ground.
I literally hugged a tree, falling into it catching my breath and feeling my heart pound deeply. Release.

I moaned softly, out loud, just a bit, as the stretching went further than usual, and I exhaled into apparently that which is called,  ardha chandra chapasansa, releasing me from any possible tension.
My toes touched the tip of my head, I pulled my knee further from my calf and stretched until my toes were touching the tree in front of me. Arching to such fulfillment. Stretching to perfection. It was something I've always done.

Steady, relaxed and down deep.

Today I breached my threshold and ran all the way to East Falls from Washington Square West Philadelphia.

I found peace in my solitude, a place I flourish, a place I continue to return for sanity, a place I'm happy I can have and still have love too.
It's where I belong. All I need is me. I'm enough.

I found love today, but I'm not doing the Love Run, 1/2 Marathon.

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