September 16, 2013

Meat eaters, Man eaters- how we're meant to be fed

Photo Credit; Irving Penn
"After all hunger in the body, simple. Now hunger in the mind, something other than the force that is life." Peaceful Warrior

As said gracefully by Irving Penn, photos are meant to have an impact.

After reading one of those graphic, bloody photograph induced magazines on how they slaughter animals for our meat, and being visually reminded with sliced snas's on the faces of furry, friendly animals that have mothers and brothers that lick your face until you coo in submission- I decided this week to embark on the return to being as close to purely plant based as possible. Although, I'll still need fish for the Omega's to heal my autoimmune.

I embraced the journey for over a decade, what seems like decades ago. (How old am I??)
Then, it was about living clean. Now, it's about being fair and taking only my share, as well as feeling strong, healthy, vital, eternal. Besides it's just grossing me out. Even certain fish, when you see them in life, swimming all gorgeously- it seems strange that anyone would hijack them out of the water to put on a plate. Until I feel starving- It makes more sense when you are hungry for nutrients to kill.

The advice of an adored has me feeling armed in my persistence to pull off living forever. The one who should likely be a life coach, as well as a supermodel, may have the answer to hunger and beauty. I'll take it. He sought these gems below, while searching for the way to save his life. The word of one facing off death, always trustworthy. He also happens to have a knack for finding "the best" of everything. (Vega One and Innerlight added to your diet seem to take the edge off- you feel whole again, nourished and plentiful.)

The etymology of both of the above recommendations, Chlorophyll. Plants have chlorophyll all but mushrooms and fungi types. It has the exact molecular structure as the hemoglobin molecule in human blood, except that the latter has an iron atom and the chlorophyll molecule has a magnesium atom.

Plants are our key source of nutrients on a cellular level. A key expert on our live blood cells agrees. "Dr Robert O Young is a microbiologist and nutritionist and founder of the company InnerLight Worldwide Inc. He is a pioneer of analyzing living blood cells and has spent years researching diseased and healthy cells under the microscope. He discovered that the essence of life is derived almost exclusively through plants, and that every cell in the body needs the light derived from green plants.
Especially important for the human body system is the green plant pigment chlorophyll."
Innerlight mass spectrometer tested greens to match our blood cells best

Give me some Kale! I keep it in the fridge readily available for those moments I meander to the fridge door, open it, look, touch, take and close. Sometimes just to put something in my mouth!

If I happen to see you with your cheeseburger or chicken fajita's, and I begin to look at your food in that ravenous way, forgetting yet again what it is you are holding, and why I don't want it, while I munch on almond butter, someone call Dr. Green, sure to cure my oral fixation. Every time.

If you order the Vega, do so here, it is the best rate, 

**Paleo mom advises staying away from the algae types: chlorophyll, spirulina in order to heal autoimmune, because they are immune activators. 


  1. Love your post but just want to add...Chlorella is the best source and highest concentration of chlorophyll there

  2. Thank you for your read and comment! That would be an interesting experiment to determine, you may very well be correct re: the chlorophyll. I'm grateful that you shared that information. You've triggered my thoughts about b12, something we very well may be becoming more and more robbed of as our environment suffers. I have to get a b12 shot weekly, actually. I like innerlight for it's alkalinity powers and the fact that a scientist, microbiologist developed it. I have yet to test it myself. So I'll update its effects on me, after I do. Thanks again Jennifer! Keep reading and commenting freely!


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