August 28, 2013

Force (as in force of nature) Vetiver

August 28, 2013

Have you ever felt so drawn to something, that you feel you may fall right into it?
 Sculpture in NYC by Paige Bradley

This is how it was meeting, Vetiver. It went a little something like this, sniff, “hmm” sniff sniff, “hmm hmm, uh huh..."

"Oh my...what is that? Will you put some right here? I want to smell that all day. Let me smell it again. Oh, I like that. What's the name of that again?"

I am not alone, but it is few and far between that feel the same love I do for the lures of this liquid.

There are only two children beckoned by the fearless scent, Dylan Murphy and Anna Branas, unique beings in so many ways and old souls, for sure. John Murphy, at dinner tasted the bliss, the internationally acclaimed artist was tranquilized by its decor of creativity and tranquility. The soul goddess of fire and light, dredges tears with her lemongrass, coaxes yogini's by the droves with her own effervescence she was lured and "amazed", the bold-natured herbal specialist at Essene Market in Queen Village was snapped out of her silence, Elaine on the way to the lake stopped the car to apply it to every crevice, Nicole the grad student wanted to take it with her, the sassy Brooklyn native next door douses her entire family with it now, Brian on the Kundalini mat beside me came back for more, and the yummy martyr in my bed, all moved by the essence.

This vivacious, thick, dark, velvety oozing with glory essential, among a host of powerful attributes has been known to have a sedative impact. Frontier's gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry, brings a significant potency to the plant. Among it's healing powers, cancer, joint issues and inflammation. (Stick w/ Frontier brand on this one, not all are created equal. The Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry are a necessity with this complex of a plant.)

The reaction seems chemical. One whiff, gazes lock, wonder brews. What powers have just been enchanted upon us from this dichotomous elixir? It feeds a part of you that has always been hungry, but you didn't know.

Oils call to me like yoga, trees, wind, water or stones do. Like Artemis before Hercules. I stay within and allow a delicate decision to form, from a place that doesn't need words. The aroma of a certain primal being sent me searching for a new spice the day this new oil was revealed to me. When the smell of him washed out of my sheets, I was left with the desire to be drenched and dirty with his secretions once again.

You know those electric beings oozing subtle vibrations?
 You will know when you feel a trickling sensation in secret spaces.
Warm, ethereal droplets placed gently and naturally on your lips- taking refusal out of the options,
no matter the neural input.
Dredging your animal self- playful, free and fearless;
fierce, soulful and soft. A force.
Seducing you into submission with such sophistication-
releasing you strengthened with a new discipline.

That's what led me to Vetiver's esoteric, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant, nervine sustenance.

I knew what I wanted. I sniffed through others, lemon, bergamont, ylang ylang, none of them were just right. Too sweet, too sour...too tame, not tame enough.
I knew I would sense it when I found it.
Nothing can cloud the vision when you know what you want.

I craved rich earth, health a forever youthful innocence, filled with purity.
Sincerity tingling with serenity's embrace.
As with any glory, there is a hint of danger lurking beyond the shadows beneath your feet,
an uncertainty that will never be defined,
which leaves you breathless with wonder and persistence,
furthering your thriving to soar that much more.

Rebirth your soul, take a whiff of the spirit of Vetiver oil. It will change your perspective.

All are not created equal when it comes to Vetiver, get this bottle. Organic, Aura Cacia by Frontier and me as your free coach,

Freedom Writers


This film shows the love of writing and the power of the written word.

Beyond Borders

March 20. 2011


by Sarah K Grundy

Writing the news for over a decade, that should make me a sinic and yearning to be proven wrong. Right? I really just want to be made a believer. Once you're a believer there's nothing left to say, it becomes poetry.

I always am looking to be made a believer. That always becomes potent beyond compare.

A new rule of thumb for me as a photo journalist in training, be objective. Write the facts and don't get emotionally involved as much as possible. When writing for films, television, radio or blogs they want your guts. The news your guts must stay home.

Journalists have the power to take a life, make a life or have a life taken or made. As a novelist your reader chooses you, as a journalist you choose your reader.

The woman that saw her son taken, can end up taking her life if you write about it- the woman who was under cover if written about could be taken in front of her home if written about. The power to uphold those in power to what they say they will do- that is a reason to write.

Watch Beyond Borders movie with Angelina Jolie it will change your life

Food and Art

CBS Listings: Sarasota Opera House, Sharky's


Halle Berry story

March 1, 2011

“Celebrity a platform to overcome Domestic Violence”
A look inside Halle Berry's involvement with the domestic violence community
As seen on blog for the film, "Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America"

"Amy Inspired"

March 13, 2011

Anne Geddes photo copyrighted

Everyone has to start somewhere. Just start.
I still don't exactly have a topic not unless a main character named Jane who mysteriously lands on an island named Nombubu without her memory counts? I thought not.
My childhood from age 2 when my name was Kelly? Moving on.
A famous NY Times, best selling author who has since had her books translated into film, divulged, "Just Write!" Along with a few other tips, on how to get started with your novel.
Meanwhile, I have 3, started.
I do feel as though I've uncovered my talent, which I've been searching for all my life. What a relief, whatever would I do without my talent. What would Tinkerbell say?
All my life I've been wanting a career and I've finally found one.
It's exhilarating despite its many obstacles when you've finally found what you've been looking for.
Like that lost set of keys, or lucky pair of panties.
You are whole again and can move on to the next phase of your life or moment.

As a child I remember copying other people's romantic poetry and stories from the greats to see what it felt like to mark the world with brilliance.
My high school English teacher loved me. Mr. Fidel, he called me, "my girl" and showed me how to start my paragraphs with words other than I and my, and how to be fearless in my writing and of a certain authority with your words. He'd give "BIG SQUIRT" every time administration in the school bothered him about one thing or another and Mrs. Rossi from elementary school made up songs so I could remember grammar..grammer?? its grammar right?
In college my first A was on a paper I wrote about Androgyny, my second on Schizophrenia.

Then it was time to pay the bills and student loans so I started with a broadcast writing gig for television and radio.
Writing nothing but news for ten hours daily, my fingers only stopped typing when the towers fell on 911, as did the news and the world for that matter, and in a small sense, so did I.
From my 129th street apartment, while those in my main office on 42nd st. watched out the window in horror as two planes crashed into the buildings, which graced their view across the street, the World Trade Center towers fell, and the city and the news just stopped.
The restless city, ceased all movement for a very long time.
The eye witnesses wondered if they were next as did a great friend, while he watched on the Brooklyn bridge, and saw it all from a long shot view.
Overly courageous, full of that NY energy, not yet realizing the full velocity of what took place in my untouchable town, I went down to help and was stuck downtown for hours that day, wondering if I'd ever get out.
It was at this point, broadcast writing began to become a thing of the past for my words.

Finally, I saw my name in print, with a piece of myself, in a glossy magazine article. I stroked it for days, and I was hooked on that feeling. I was touching peoples lives, reaching them with the written word and my visions with photographs.
Like showing the world what you see through your eyes and hear through your ears.

Since then, I've written for newspapers, blogs and films. My writing for a NY Times publication brought an offer to go to Brazil and run a couture fashion program that would save poor neighborhoods and feed the starving area four times daily. I topped the charts on a Canadian website, Orato, for a first person story, which took painstaking tears to write.

How do you go from being a photojournalist to a novelist?

I've been studying under an NYU professor, while he critiques my blogs. I'm sure he'd shutter at my rambling on this one. Thanks for paying me Peter, when I should have been paying you. He meanwhile is gracing the world with his award winning films to date.

Doing as I've always done, to push forward and publish a book I feel is worthy; feels like walking out into your neighborhood stark naked.
With the use of my savvy Manhattan education, that city is froth with a knowledge the finest of Universities could not package. Harnessing what I recall from my college education, which my mother continues to remind me she paid for, and what am I doing with it, while my grandmother reminds me, I can't have all of my success when I'm dead.
Holding firm to self taught, hard knock research to bring something I can't refuse but bring, and you can't refuse to read.
Carrying me forward, reading for inspiration and direction, running, meditating, practicing on perfecting my yoga and continuing to harness all that I am.

My current read is about a graduate student now professor not getting published, I mean at all, anywhere, and her frisky roommate grabbing all the good glory with her ambitious, motivated, athletic, energetic, self-persistence. She doesn't leave the house before jogging five miles and writing two pages. "Amy Inspired" by Bethany Pierce.
For more on my Good Reads from the past see:

History Channel

Feedback, from the producer: "FYI: I've edited the freelancer lists, and you are at the very top of it not only because you are a joy to work with, but have clearly lasted through at least one other producer. :) May I also take you with me on my traveling Superstar list for other gigs?"

Some good stuff from the footage, "Being geographically isolated is probably one of the major things that can start to contribute to local changes in evolution and population and in some cases to the emergence of brand new species. " Rennie

Campbell says, "And in fact there’s been changes it looks like in even the last fifty thousand years in the subtle ways that neurotransmitters work in our brains. " also "The distinction that we’ve drawn between body and mind goes back to as Nietzsche said, Aristotle drove a steak between the mind and the body and we’ve been recovering ever since. And what’s fascinating now is we have the science to put the two back together again."

Freelance write your way to six figures and other savvy business talk

How can writing be your money tree?

While I nursed twins,  in my undies, in my 
living room, I wrote and got paid for it.

There was a time I supported a family of three from freelance writing funds and partly still do, a decade later.

It all started, not with my costly education, but with my experience and relentless nature.
The rejections are plenty, but take them as lessons and gracefully move forward. Rest assured, they are always leading you to pearlier gates.
A NY Times editor told me on our first meeting, "the last guy that spelled my name wrong, didn't get the job."
He said this with no smile at all.
"Oh" gulp.
"Then again, he now works at the Wall Street Journal. So who am I to judge?"
I spelled his name wrong, he printed my stories and photos.

Don't take it to heart.
Always be charming.
I wrote for the NY Times about bunnies that had birthday parties and were healed by chiropractors, companies that fed Brazil 3 times a day, or art shattering the status quo.
Anything I thought of I'd pitch it to corresponding editors, all of them. 
And I'd follow through with photos I'd get dirty, or wet for, and words I'd dance for. 

There's print and then there's broadcast. An entirely different animal.

I monitored major network television and Bloomberg Radio in Manhattan for 8 years right out of college, and took it with me to live on an island off the coast of SW Florida.
I was able to travel w/ this work because a friends brother played Bloomberg radio for me, in his basement for an entire year.
I also made a very good friend at DISH Network, who supplied me with the Live NY broadcast feed.
The gift of gab, goes a long way, as does the generosity of others.

I didn't do much negotiating in those days and they got me for a steal, however that writing took me very far and came to far away lands with me.

I wrote about 9-11 during the day the towers fell, while my co-workers and I watched out our windows at the disaster, we compiled the news surrounding it.
This was a time of great uncertainty.
My director Andy said, "I guess this work will last through the war, but I'm not sure."
This was the market I entered.
A fight or flight playing field.
No one was sure what was going to happen next and the tone was, purity and panic.

Politics, finance, red carpet, sports, or war-
Anything People, Places, Things, or Ideas related, I regurgitated it.
For ten hours a day, from the broadcasts around the world, I delivered the meat of the news between two coasts and two countries.

The job always looked classy on the outside,
but on the inside there was an old radio plugged into an even older laptop, in a dingy basement, doing some of the dirty work, and a war going on in the background. (So vintage.) Meanwhile, I pitched for other journalism and photojournalism writing contracts the entire time.

It paid the bills and became residual.
I took it with me, as I kept moving forward.

It's a fun game like we played as kids, but don't forget to collect after you pass go, or if someone lands on your park place. "It's an energy exchange and has to be seen as so." Sara Kauffman said about taking money for thai massage. Be on your toes about your pay, but know that like a Dr. in his residency, you will have to do your time. And lots of it, for free possibly. Enjoy the ride.

Then comes film, again an entirely unique beast to write for.  

I found that documentary films in post-production need commentary, cinema verte, transcripts, blogging, PR, photojournalism, networkers and more. 
Post-production work in film, is always paid for, unlike the volunteers that come with pre-production (Tasha Oldham sentiment from the "Peace bus.")

The language and skill I learned along the way, from those far greater than myself.
Don't be afraid to hang out with the big dogs.
Everyone is small at something, at first.
Like life, business is constantly moving and growing, morphing and changing.
Don't try to trap it, fly with it.

I found an NYU film director on Craigslist.
Yes, Craigslist.
Be savvy about social media, don't knock it.
The artist running Urban Outfitters Navy Yard was told by Urban upon his hire, "We make most of our money from social networking. Do you Instagram?"
Use it wisely.
Through the NYU film director's training, I came to work with some of LA's great film producers and directors. I also learned a lot about writing and my name now appears on a  few great films.
That's worth its weight in gold.

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.
William Blake

To see the world through a lens.
It's a gift so many of us possess seeing moments in our minds, noticing colors, shadows, light and brilliant spaces. My photographs were getting gobbled up by newspapers like The Sun, The Herald, Orato in Canada and even magazines (magazine editors were the toughest for me to please.)
Not all published photos need to be done by the professionals. There are many prints that just need a few shots. If you make them stand out, you may be called to take on the professional gigs next time.

My stories were getting published weekly, along w/ front cover photos. And it was my sole income, for awhile. (See my portfolio here if it helps you,
I learned a few tough lessons about the "Ethics of Journalism." Similar to the law in some circles, or like a pirates code in others! (Use the search bar for my older blogs regarding the ethics of journalism.)

Now I'm learning to write for grants, cash for cures, medicine, scientific research, health, nutrition, fitness, yoga and coaching. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, writing is one of those skills that never stops growing. Keep feeding it.

A few noteworthy lessons:
Confidence is key, as is class.
Trust your "gut."
Don't be afraid to work for less, sometimes until you have a ground to stand on.
When you do, don't be afraid to ask for more.
Then go to battle for the bucks. It's respectable I promise. Just be down to earth about it and never greedy.
Look for the greats that will teach you something. It will empower both of you.
Keep your mind so wide open, that there is no opened and closed, just space and time.
Rarely say no. Unless it's too much for you to handle, or delegate.
Delegate. Find students who are looking to learn.
Take Criticism like a lady, or gentleman.
No efforts are ever wasted.
They lend to your versatility, make you more recognizable and garnish your resume. That goes a long way.
A Harvard research study recently published findings on the benefits of distractions. Even those can boast you in ways lending to setting you back on track. 
What is garbage to one, may be gold to another.
Everything can be recycled or revamped. (This blog was revamped from circa 2008)

What are other ways to add to the pile of cash in the tool shed even if you can't write?

With summer just around the corner and vacations on the horizon, make your space start paying the bills a bit.

 A stunning actress friend of mine in NYC, lives in the heart of Soho. She often rents her space.
As she hops a plane for India, a family of four enjoys the lavish life she has worked hard to build for herself, in the city that never sleeps.

A family near and dear to my heart recently took a spring break trip to Arizona, while a group of college kids convened on her Queen Village household for a hockey tournament stay.

I'll be renting my space for film shoots, while I find waves to ride and cabins in the woods with rivers for fishing to hide in while I embrace solitude for a nice refreshing break from the grid.

Ideas of house swapping is also an idea already visited by Hollywood film plots, and dear family friends, who were able to rent their home, while they rented their friends home in New Zealand, while their friend rented a home in Europe, maybe from a friend?

 Click here for a website for pimping your pad for a few pennies,

Partner up and share your story! I've been building a business on partnerships for just under a year. It's simple, with most companies FREE and you can earn a healthy commission for promoting for them. I team with products that I already love and use to  make it a no brainer. I always chat up what I love and see work. Why not make a profit from that? I coach in how to do this, ask me how! Lastly, have you heard how simple it can be to make a generous living on You Tube and blogs, or vlogs? If you have a camera you can do this. Ask me how. My twins are You Tube Stars and did it all on their own. 

Happy earnings! 

If you want to chat more about this feel free to email me, 
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