August 24, 2017


By Sarah K Grundy

It's not like it seems in the fog. There's an entire horizon that was hiding behind the blur, the mask, the lies, the ego, the inflated realities.
To be where the divine lives that's where we can see. We're never alone, not even in the isolation periods when we're exploring, discovering and finding our path.
Traveling through time and space. Wandering the past and uniting with the you of the future. Mending beyond a cellular level that which was torn away and delivering it into the light.
Connecting and trusting the unfolding, the becoming. Welcoming the abundance. Move like nature moves amidst the change. Blossom.

Opening up a portion of our formerly members only community to spread the energy that has guided so many to their goddess within. Request add here to join us for a dance with the divine, community
To learn more about us and our ambassador path come see us, goddess project

Mazey Lotus 🌫 Goddess Project
Sarah Grundy, ambassador of the goddess within
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