August 8, 2016

Mentors # The Secret Sauce

Have you ever had a mentor say, "There's no secret sauce."?
I have.
I disagree.

Harnessing the heart and strength to be a good leader starts right in the gut. A little solar plexus, sacral chakra nurturing is where it's at. Then pass that on. It doesn't take a grand effort, but it does ask for attention.
Hitting all these road blocks, busting ass with no guidance in sight and starting to feel like, "I must not have what it takes...maybe my dreams are just dreams.."?

There are LOTS of secret sauces with LOTS of ingredients and all the little parts around, as well as in the sauce matter.
There is a formula for making our dreams come true. Anyone who says different just doesn't want to share how they did it out of fear they may loose their own, or maybe they don't want to bother to help you find the way that works best for you. Scaredy cats🐯🦁🐱Perhaps they just don't know how, or were absent the day we learned about sharing.

It's an art and comes from a place of deep caring.
It also doesn't hurt to have a business model designed to make one succeed only when the others around them do. That's motivation and supports the leader in place. It's not easy guiding others through the jungles of their dreams, and both people need to have all hands on deck.

Mazey Lotus was able to push through massive barriers and blockages with lots of amunition due to secret sauces from a tribe of talented, giant hearted, wildly successful mentors across the globe. In my first attempt, I failed in part to poor leadership and a lack of sauce. We all have a leader in us, and there are guides all around us, but to have people beside you who can offer support and show you the way when things get dark will mean the difference between you rising, or falling, as well as determine if you can get back up after you fall and push through with needed momentum.

A strong mentor sets the example, provides a solid training covers all the bases, AND has the ability to pass the energy down that was given to them. That's the most important part because that's what will be duplicated. The energy.

Find guides, teachers, coaches, and mentors, lots of them. Find out who their guides, teachers, coaches and mentors were from start to finish.
The leaders that are willing to work together with all the mentors that taught them and bring the secret sauces from all the lands into the circle have been the ones who see the strongest healing in their circle take place. That's when everyone rises.

If you're teachable your guide should want to hold your hand through the heavy storms & weeds, tell you the truth, care enough to dedicate their energy, time and money into the training, reward you and support you until you've climbed to the top of that big hill and are flying high🕊

It matters.
It makes a difference.
It will determine what your future looks like.

Will they show you How? 
Will they help you find your WHY?
Will they help you through the fog? 
Will they show you when?
Will they navigate through your blockages?
Are they setting a good example?
Do they play nice with others?

Don't stand by a mentor who doesn't stand by you, push you when you're giving up, build you with courage and make you feel powerful and beautiful🌙
One who leaves you dangling there right before you strike gold...that's not leadership loves.

No woman, or man is an island. 
We are tribal by nature. 
There's no way around it, I tried.
We need each other.
We need to care. trust. be devoted to ourselves and others.

Together we rise. Together we heal. Together we move forward🍃
If you answer yes below enroll here, SoulFire

Are you teachable? 
For the training manual and tribe of mentors with the secret sauces, reach out to see how you can take part in training for our next event. i love you💛🌙🐚 
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