April 17, 2016

The Way We Were...

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Blog written on The Whole FoodVs Sugar Workshop inside our Goddess Project, liveand archived. 

Cooking was once a spiritual practice. Family and friends would gather to prepare the food together. Healing, nourishing and connecting to the energetics of food were a natural human ritual. As women, we were in charge of the kitchen, cooking for the kids was part of our duty. Before we ate we would center ourselves, thank the food, the chef, put a moment of our energy into the food we were about to eat. We would say a prayer, or a pre-meal meditation and then bond over the experience of sharing the earths bounty. 

Our thoughts while preparing and eating food are different now than they were years ago. 
Aveline Kushi's reminds us how cooking is an art and talks a bunch on spirituality and food. 
How we prepare food actually creates our bodies, cells, hair, nails, thoughts, feelings...
Our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves from the food we eat. 
Every five days the lining of the stomach rebuilds itself, blood every 4 months, DNA every 2 months, skin every month, lungs every two to three weeks, brain once per year, liver every six weeks, bones build a whole new skeleton in 3 months. 

We've stopped preparing and cooking our food in a nutritious way because we're thinking about fast and convenient. The fast foods we get addicted to, they have no nutritional value and that's why we're going back for more. What we're lacking most in our diet are LEAFY GREENS, or foliage, scientific name, folic acid. If we can find ways to implement more greens into our life, daily, the effects on our body will be astounding. These changes will show mind, body and soul. 

Keeping our bodies balanced doesn't have to be about sacrifice. Keeping our bodies alkaline with the right foods could mean the difference between health and disease. What we teach about in the emporium are UPGRADES. Giving our bodies what they need eliminates the cravings, making it mouth watering makes it stick. 

Cravings are messages from our body. We need to deconstruct the messages. Chocolate cravings, for example, could mean your body is asking for magnesium (dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and more. The current daily value for magnesium is 400mg.) Sweets cravings indicate, "I need energy", "I'm not up to scruff", or "I need a nap!" Sugary sweets are at the heart of hormone imbalance. Sweet vegetables, honey, maple syrup, agave are great help in getting us off of the bad sugars, which are as addicting as heroine, as studies show. Examples: Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Red Radish, Root vegetables, pumpkin, beetroot, onion, squash, turnips.. Eat them first thing in the morning BEFORE the cravings begin.

Nature has its own messages. Have you noticed what a walnut resembles? The brain! It just so happens that nut is filled with omega 3 and 6, making it a powerhouse for the brain. Nuts in general are great for balancing our sex hormones, especially almonds. Broccoli resembles our lungs and oxygenates the blood. Grapes resemble the alveoli in the lungs and allows oxygen to be transferred from inside our lungs through into our blood stream. String beans, help our hair grow and have a hairy sort of likeness, right? Carrots look like the iris of the eye and help our night vision. Kidney beans aid kidney health and help detoxify our blood. Tomatoes look like our heart chambers and help prevent cardiac disease. Our bones get soggy like celery does when we don't have enough sodium. Did you know that celery is 28% sodium? Also, one of my favorite foods sweet potatoes resemble the look of our pancreas and this power sweet veg regulates insulin levels and have to be the world's best food for diabetics. Bananas look like a smile and have a protein called tryptophan that gets converted to serotonin, a mood regulator that acts as an antidepressant. There are so many instances of nature sending us messages like this.

Nutrition is a science that's constantly evolving. Misconceptions about sugar are unraveling more and more. Sucrose is sugar: a sugar molecule with a glucose and fructose attached. We need sugars, for staying awake, energy and working out, but the FRUCTOSE is the bad sugar and will not be used by the body. If we drink a coke, that's fructose and will just get stored as fat. If we eat a banana that's going to get used as energy. 

We wonder why we’re getting sicker and sicker, dealing with cancers and diseases, why we’re sick all the time with colds and flu's. It’s coming from the food that we eat! When choosing what to eat, go for food in its most natural state and ask yourself, "Will this food cleanse me, will this food fuel me, or will it flaw me." If you can say this to your food before you eat your life still start to change. 

Bring these practices to your next dinner party. Sift through the blog and remember what emotional response bananas elicit and add some cacao to them for an added boost to the mood of the gathering. 
Get everyone back to their roots by setting the table outside in the back yard, or on the beach, with pillows as seats and a fresh flowers at each place setting. Bring the guests into the kitchen to get them involved in helping to prepare the food, plating, and decorating the platters. Initiate a pre-meditation before the meal. Elicit the essence of the simpler days and breathe that life into the party. 

For recipe ideas we want to hear from you! We have a huge arsenal of glorious recipes! 
Tell us how your next Whole Food Dinner Party goes.
Show your fave girls what sugar really tastes like & how we should really feel after dinner. 
There's a natural high we've all been missing out on. It's time to reconnect. 


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