March 3, 2014


What makes High Country's Kombucha so different?
Photo of Douglas Martin. He has connected us with the owner and founder of High Country.
His passion for the authenticity of High Country Kombucha would lead you to believe he dredged it from the Colorado mountains himself.

How does $18., and two days give you an education in Sports Medicine?
Endurance Sports Expo held annually yielded enough Sports Medicine experts to call it a University style event. $130 shoes for $25., physicians testing your performance and gait, such as Dr. Ross from The Performance Lab, a giant swimming pool to test your swim and more.

Why does Sam's passion for plants keep him in Philadelphia?
Horticulturalist Samuel Keitch says despite the harsh winter air, PHS had one of their biggest and most successful flower shows this year. Standing room only. Photo of Sam Keitch rapping up the PHS flower show this year.

What makes this yoga teacher so unique?
Philadelphia buzzes with yoga professionals. I preferred staying on my "home mat," and avoiding the hype, until now. देवी Devi.

What is Moxa 艾絨 and could it be among the treatments that help this, fire constitution, belly avoid another surgery?
Wu Xing, Five Elements
मण्डल Mandala


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