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February 21, 2017

Stay Wild

How I set myself free of alcohol, adderrall,coffee,addiction,anxiety, depression, fight, or fight, autoimmune and unhealthy lifestyle patterns. 

The full step by step e-book will be released soon. 

It was from rock bottom that I built a dream. 
I crawled out from the darkest place you can imagine, crying, yelling, WILD and SPREAD MY WINGS TO FLY. 
I flew as high as I could with my broken, patched up wings and believed I could heal. I became a seeker again and trusted my gut. When I found what I knew from that deep down innocence could help me, I would do it with sheer determination and devotion. 
Without hesitation.
I was broke, but I found a way to invest in this adventure that I knew was my way back to the WILD. 

 I had to really decide and not let fear stop me. I was terrified. All of the tools that worked for me may, or may not work for you, but some of them apply and will work for every living being! As far as nutrition, fitness, yoga, meditation and tapping into your body, I suggest my Black Moon e-book. I’ll be going over some of those methods at the end, but not all. It took me two decades to create illness and a decade to transform it. 

Start from a place of Stillness. You are the only one who knows how to rise up, but you can’t do it alone. 

There is a place inside us all, and an energy all around us that makes all things possible. A deep inner silence can allow you to hear it. It’s tangible and alive. It’s not airy fairy. It’s an entity, studied by science, but the way to embrace it is through your own life experience not through lots of talking about it, but with expression and connection. 

Try it now
Go somewhere quiet. Preferably outdoors. Sit, or stand. Whatever makes you comfortable. Palms open to the sky. Eyes closed. With absolute surrender, feel your heart beating in your chest. Breathe naturally, whatever makes you able to feel each thump, each pump of blood coursing through your entire body through each organ, vessel. Take some time with that sensation. Feel how it begins to radiate onto the outside sending gentle waves across your skin. Sense the prana tickling those little hairs on your arm, hands, legs, down to your toes. If your mind starts to intervene return to listening and feeling the thump of your heart pulsating blood through the body. Feel yourself as a vessel for source energy to pass through. Don’t cling to it, or think about it. This is something void of thought. Allow it to pass through. Go back to the heart beat. Breathe. Tune back into the heartbeat. Stay there. 

Everything happens from that space inside. 
It senses intention, thoughts, vibrations, and manifests everything you can see, touch and feel. We can choose to honor that in our actions, in our lives, or not. It doesn’t partial. It’s universal and speaks to all of us. It will be there even if you ignore it and it will be waiting. 

The opposite of addiction is connection. 
Community, tapping into my inner rhythms, living by the laws of nature, intuition and my heart beat took me out of illness into really living. There were steps, tools, mentors and a will to survive that could not be stopped. Trust, instincts, passion, action, movement, trial and error, listening to my experiences, allowing loss, and deciding to rise at all cost made the impossible possible. It took fortitude and self study, as well as research on what really makes me tick and all of the medicine we have available to us. My story starts with sickness, but ends with finding my intuitive self and true boundless freedom. 

We can talk about what works all day, but it was in doing that I found what I needed to recover and heal. It started with a diagnosis, medications and things getting worse before they got better. I was in my 20’s and had no idea that my entire life had been feeding this illness. My surroundings, my choices, my behaviors, my ego. 
My energy became a magnet for more and more of it until I was buried. I started to numb myself from the pain and as you may suspect that’s when things got really exciting. 

Coffee, was my life force. At the time I had no idea, it was actually draining it. Cigarettes, and pot were my fire and breath. I had no idea it was actually putting out my fire. Alcohol, was my spirit guide. I had no idea it was actually muting my spirit and my guides.
I knew. 
Somewhere in me, I always knew. 
So do you.
Everyone else around me was doing it. It was a part of life. Dinner with wine. Morning chats with coffee. Cigarettes and drinking with dorms and college midterms, followed by pot and whatever else was there to infuse my experience. 
Then crash. 
I wasn’t accessing any of my power. 
I was walking, but very much dead.

One day I woke up. 
I knew all of this was weakening me. 
It created a cycle and led me straight to death. Spiraling the drain in one dead end relationship after another. 
I knew I had to change. 
I had to fight for my life. 
I fled. 
That’s what took me to the root of the problem. 
Then it got worse. 
I worked through the root of the problem with the same toxic methods. 

It was from rock bottom that I built a dream. 
I crawled out from the darkest place you can imagine, crying, yelling, WILD and SPREAD MY WINGS TO FLY. 
I flew as high as I could with my broken, patched up wings and believed I could heal. I became a seeker again and trusted my gut. When I found what I knew from that deep down innocence could help me, I would do it with sheer determination and devotion. Without hesitation. I was broke, but I found a way to invest in this adventure that I knew was my way back to the WILD. 

A decade later my wings are BRIGHT and getting more colorful everyday. 

I wanted to live. It was always about life and finding more of it. Being freeing. Flying high. Feeling, seeing and sharing that with my friends, family and the world.  

Stay tuned for HOW in the Stay Wild e-book free to Goddess Project membersΰ₯

August 8, 2016

Mentors # The Secret Sauce

Have you ever had a mentor say, "There's no secret sauce."?
I have.
I disagree.

Harnessing the heart and strength to be a good leader starts right in the gut. A little solar plexus, sacral chakra nurturing is where it's at. Then pass that on. It doesn't take a grand effort, but it does ask for attention.
Hitting all these road blocks, busting ass with no guidance in sight and starting to feel like, "I must not have what it takes...maybe my dreams are just dreams.."?

There are LOTS of secret sauces with LOTS of ingredients and all the little parts around, as well as in the sauce matter.
There is a formula for making our dreams come true. Anyone who says different just doesn't want to share how they did it out of fear they may loose their own, or maybe they don't want to bother to help you find the way that works best for you. Scaredy cats🐯🦁🐱Perhaps they just don't know how, or were absent the day we learned about sharing.

It's an art and comes from a place of deep caring.
It also doesn't hurt to have a business model designed to make one succeed only when the others around them do. That's motivation and supports the leader in place. It's not easy guiding others through the jungles of their dreams, and both people need to have all hands on deck.

Mazey Lotus was able to push through massive barriers and blockages with lots of amunition due to secret sauces from a tribe of talented, giant hearted, wildly successful mentors across the globe. In my first attempt, I failed in part to poor leadership and a lack of sauce. We all have a leader in us, and there are guides all around us, but to have people beside you who can offer support and show you the way when things get dark will mean the difference between you rising, or falling, as well as determine if you can get back up after you fall and push through with needed momentum.

A strong mentor sets the example, provides a solid training covers all the bases, AND has the ability to pass the energy down that was given to them. That's the most important part because that's what will be duplicated. The energy.

Find guides, teachers, coaches, and mentors, lots of them. Find out who their guides, teachers, coaches and mentors were from start to finish.
The leaders that are willing to work together with all the mentors that taught them and bring the secret sauces from all the lands into the circle have been the ones who see the strongest healing in their circle take place. That's when everyone rises.

If you're teachable your guide should want to hold your hand through the heavy storms & weeds, tell you the truth, care enough to dedicate their energy, time and money into the training, reward you and support you until you've climbed to the top of that big hill and are flying highπŸ•Š

It matters.
It makes a difference.
It will determine what your future looks like.

Will they show you How? 
Will they help you find your WHY?
Will they help you through the fog? 
Will they show you when?
Will they navigate through your blockages?
Are they setting a good example?
Do they play nice with others?

Don't stand by a mentor who doesn't stand by you, push you when you're giving up, build you with courage and make you feel powerful and beautifulπŸŒ™
One who leaves you dangling there right before you strike gold...that's not leadership loves.

No woman, or man is an island. 
We are tribal by nature. 
There's no way around it, I tried.
We need each other.
We need to care. trust. be devoted to ourselves and others.

Together we rise. Together we heal. Together we move forwardπŸƒ
If you answer yes below enroll here, SoulFire

Are you teachable? 
For the training manual and tribe of mentors with the secret sauces, reach out to see how you can take part in training for our next event. i love youπŸ’›πŸŒ™πŸš 

May 15, 2016


Nurture your relationship with Silence. 
It was here before anything else. 
It encompasses everything else.
It came Before Sound. 
It Takes you directly to your center.
Silence Links our soul with the cosmos.
We gain ourselves in Silence. 
Without it we are lost.
Here we find re-creation.
Everything comes alive again with Silence.
It Brings brand newness. 
Don't bury this secret in the noise. 
Return to SilenceπŸ•Š


April 24, 2016

Sense Your Way

In the realm of things that will get us back to our intuitive selves, pouring oils all over it sounds to be a most powerful potion, in this life.

If we give the human body what it needs it will heal itself. If we're depleted in our life, we will see symptoms. When we give the body what it needs these things start to disappear. If we can support our emotions and spirituality we can nab it before it becomes symptomatic in the body.

What is an essential oil?
They are all around us in the rinds of fruits, flowers, tree barks, leaves, in nature. The protective mechanism in plants protect them from things like, fungus and bacteria. They have the same effect on the human body and the human system.They support us on many protective layers; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Natural healing can sometimes feel "airy fairy", but essential oils reach the masses, as it's grounded in a rich history of science and scientific research. Not all oils are created equal, most are synthetic because of consumer demand. DoTerra created a certification standard, in house and out house testing. 15,000 research studies on Pub Med regarding autism, cancer..burn units at John Hopkins are doing major research on the therapeautic quality of essential oils.

Essential oils can't be a replacement for the basic foundations of health and happiness. Eating real food, having healthy relationships with others, our finances, our career all matter and the oils can help us with those lifestyle matters. Managing stress has become a matter of life and death across the globe. I learned recently that Australia is beating the US in obesity #'s. Not a competition most Australians want to win. Learning to rest, understanding that the moon moves the ocean and the human body is more than 60 percent water, blood is 92 percentwater, the brain and muscles are 75 percent water, and bones are about 22 percent water- We've got to start working with the way the moon works because whether we know it, or not, it's moving us.

There are 3 ways to use the oils. Internally, Topically and Aromatically. For matters such as throat health, digestive tract and mucous membranes you can take them internally by making capsules, or by adding to food, smoothies, mouth washes, oil pulling with coconut oil or even added directly to water. Internal sends it straight into the stomach acid. For those of us who know that our immune system is in our gut, you can imagine the benefits to doing it that way.

Topical suggestions on our hands, feet, spine, hind brain and areas of the body where there are the most amount of nerve endings so they will absorb quickly. It only takes moments for it to go through the entire blood stream. Topical suggestions are made for issues with circulation and inflammation.

Aromatically the oils are such bliss to have diffusing in your car, home and even on jewelry. I carry a bottle in my car, at all times and sniff it directly out of the bottle. This takes the powers straight to my brain and immediately directs my mood. I be sure to clear my vibes in between work and home so that I don't bring my work home with me.

Among the many powers of the oils, they work on a really quick symptomatic level, but also work towards the root cause. Practitioners working with aromatherapy and essential oils will be looking at your root cause, but can also help with spot treating and putting it where it hurts.

"Just get them in your life" Nick Fairbain, Louise Hay Radio Host, Author and Practitioner.

Lavendar, "the queen of essential oils" for anxiety, burns, LAVENDAR ICE CREAM, lavendar tea, calm the mood in the house by putting it in the diffuser. Nick says, "when in doubt lavendar comes out." Apply to hands and feet. 

Lemon, a physical and emotional cleanser- 1 drop in your water in the morning helps be sure you're not taking some of the dramas from yesterday, into today. It's delicious in guacamole and in your favorite libation. Nick suggested adding it to Corona. It's also a great antibacterial. I use orange and lemon to clean my house. It's uplifting and lifts me up to do something I don't really love doing!

Tea Tree Oil comes from Australia! Who knew? DoTerrra has a method of sourcing their oils from the best environment that each specific plant grows in. Great for cuts, stings, bites, fungus, candida (prevents nutrition from getting into your cells, caused by sugar, alcohol, the pill, antibiotics, stress sex..) protection from negativity, anything throat related. 

Oregano in a stir fry, less is more! It's very strong so always dilute. Dilute all of your oils in a factionated coconut oil (where the fat molecules have been taken out). This one is great for parasites and infection. When the girls and I used to get sick, I'd give us Oregano oil immediately. 

OnGuard, a replication from Thieves oil was a blend created in the plague. A couple of guys covered their mouths with a rag covered in this oil and did not get the plague. It has eucalyptus, cinnamon and a blend that has been known to be VERY powerful. It's used in hospitals, in the home when people are sick and it's a protective blend energetically. Apply topically to the bottom of the feet and eat it in your Chia Seed Pudding!

Deep Blue, DO NOT TAKE INTERNALLY, intergreen is not good for the digestive track. It's used for pain, inflammation, circulation, sore muscles, growing pains, restless leg and athletes love this one for help in recovery periods. Diluting the stomach acids while you eat leads to leaky gut!

Digest Zen for digestion and bloating, motion sickness, Solar Plexus chakra. Also for bloating, don't drink water, or fluids while you eat. Drink 15 minutes before, or 15 minutes after.
Easy Air for lungs and heart chakra

Peppermint, put in your chocolate! I have a love of jungles, tropics and forests, but a thing about bugs, "GIRL", so I don't leave home without my peppermint oil. Spiders, I got your number, yo. This oil also helps with focus and getting men in touch with their feelings because men don't have feelings so this is really helpful HA.

Frankinsense, "the king of essential oils", penetrates on a deep cellular level. It's a sacred oil with a high vibration of the universe. Cleopatra bathed in frankinsense and it's known for it's anti aging and skin benefits. They used to steal frankinsense before gold from graves. Apply to third eye, crown, roof of the mouth and under the tongue. Brings us closer to our intuition, which keeps us from harm and leads us to our destiny. Oxygenates our pituitary and pineal gland, which is great for serotonin, which makes us happy. Endocrine systems love frankinsense and that helps our body regulator a bunch!

Clarycalm and Balance are great for hormone balance & menopause so roll that one over your ovaries and reflex points. It helps "bring us back from our heads".

Adding the oils to food:
Peppermint, Orange, Lemon will enhance flavors and bring them out.
Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary can held enhance the flavor of sauces.

Adding the oils to your workouts:
Peppermint helps with motivation, pain, inflammation and circulation as well as clearing the sinuses.

Text book suggestions: Essential Life and Modern Essentials (comes in an app too)

Nick Fairbain, Louise Hay Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Radio Host on Louise Hay Radio and overall Guru of life, who says, "The power is in you. Own yourself and your journey. You can do this. Make these part of your healing journey."

He suggests cleansing slowly, but be sure to cleanse the toxins from around you and then go
to the next step. Nick reminded us what the Dalai Lama said, "Western women are going to be the ones who save the world. No pressure. Thanks Nick, that was super fun to be a part of.

Thank you for reading. I love you. Sarah xoxo

April 17, 2016

The Way We Were...

photo: Free People 

Blog written on The Whole FoodVs Sugar Workshop inside our Goddess Project, liveand archived. 

Cooking was once a spiritual practice. Family and friends would gather to prepare the food together. Healing, nourishing and connecting to the energetics of food were a natural human ritual. As women, we were in charge of the kitchen, cooking for the kids was part of our duty. Before we ate we would center ourselves, thank the food, the chef, put a moment of our energy into the food we were about to eat. We would say a prayer, or a pre-meal meditation and then bond over the experience of sharing the earths bounty. 

Our thoughts while preparing and eating food are different now than they were years ago. 
Aveline Kushi's reminds us how cooking is an art and talks a bunch on spirituality and food. 
How we prepare food actually creates our bodies, cells, hair, nails, thoughts, feelings...
Our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves from the food we eat. 
Every five days the lining of the stomach rebuilds itself, blood every 4 months, DNA every 2 months, skin every month, lungs every two to three weeks, brain once per year, liver every six weeks, bones build a whole new skeleton in 3 months. 

We've stopped preparing and cooking our food in a nutritious way because we're thinking about fast and convenient. The fast foods we get addicted to, they have no nutritional value and that's why we're going back for more. What we're lacking most in our diet are LEAFY GREENS, or foliage, scientific name, folic acid. If we can find ways to implement more greens into our life, daily, the effects on our body will be astounding. These changes will show mind, body and soul. 

Keeping our bodies balanced doesn't have to be about sacrifice. Keeping our bodies alkaline with the right foods could mean the difference between health and disease. What we teach about in the emporium are UPGRADES. Giving our bodies what they need eliminates the cravings, making it mouth watering makes it stick. 

Cravings are messages from our body. We need to deconstruct the messages. Chocolate cravings, for example, could mean your body is asking for magnesium (dark leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fish, beans, whole grains, avocados, yogurt, bananas, dried fruit, dark chocolate, and more. The current daily value for magnesium is 400mg.) Sweets cravings indicate, "I need energy", "I'm not up to scruff", or "I need a nap!" Sugary sweets are at the heart of hormone imbalance. Sweet vegetables, honey, maple syrup, agave are great help in getting us off of the bad sugars, which are as addicting as heroine, as studies show. Examples: Sweet potatoes, Carrots, Red Radish, Root vegetables, pumpkin, beetroot, onion, squash, turnips.. Eat them first thing in the morning BEFORE the cravings begin.

Nature has its own messages. Have you noticed what a walnut resembles? The brain! It just so happens that nut is filled with omega 3 and 6, making it a powerhouse for the brain. Nuts in general are great for balancing our sex hormones, especially almonds. Broccoli resembles our lungs and oxygenates the blood. Grapes resemble the alveoli in the lungs and allows oxygen to be transferred from inside our lungs through into our blood stream. String beans, help our hair grow and have a hairy sort of likeness, right? Carrots look like the iris of the eye and help our night vision. Kidney beans aid kidney health and help detoxify our blood. Tomatoes look like our heart chambers and help prevent cardiac disease. Our bones get soggy like celery does when we don't have enough sodium. Did you know that celery is 28% sodium? Also, one of my favorite foods sweet potatoes resemble the look of our pancreas and this power sweet veg regulates insulin levels and have to be the world's best food for diabetics. Bananas look like a smile and have a protein called tryptophan that gets converted to serotonin, a mood regulator that acts as an antidepressant. There are so many instances of nature sending us messages like this.

Nutrition is a science that's constantly evolving. Misconceptions about sugar are unraveling more and more. Sucrose is sugar: a sugar molecule with a glucose and fructose attached. We need sugars, for staying awake, energy and working out, but the FRUCTOSE is the bad sugar and will not be used by the body. If we drink a coke, that's fructose and will just get stored as fat. If we eat a banana that's going to get used as energy. 

We wonder why we’re getting sicker and sicker, dealing with cancers and diseases, why we’re sick all the time with colds and flu's. It’s coming from the food that we eat! When choosing what to eat, go for food in its most natural state and ask yourself, "Will this food cleanse me, will this food fuel me, or will it flaw me." If you can say this to your food before you eat your life still start to change. 

Bring these practices to your next dinner party. Sift through the blog and remember what emotional response bananas elicit and add some cacao to them for an added boost to the mood of the gathering. 
Get everyone back to their roots by setting the table outside in the back yard, or on the beach, with pillows as seats and a fresh flowers at each place setting. Bring the guests into the kitchen to get them involved in helping to prepare the food, plating, and decorating the platters. Initiate a pre-meditation before the meal. Elicit the essence of the simpler days and breathe that life into the party. 

For recipe ideas we want to hear from you! We have a huge arsenal of glorious recipes! 
Tell us how your next Whole Food Dinner Party goes.
Show your fave girls what sugar really tastes like & how we should really feel after dinner. 
There's a natural high we've all been missing out on. It's time to reconnect. 

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